I am a descendant of a great family from the Northwest of Mexico. The Lugo women have maintained a grand tradition with their vast knowledge of culinary techniques and magical expertise of all the wonders that can be created in a kitchen.

The day I was born, while my mother recovered from delivering her 9th child, my grandmother and aunts busied themselves cooking so that the most marvelous smells lingered everywhere, and which, I have no doubt, have stayed with me ever since.

My birth was during Lent, and as the tradition called for, my grandmother prepared a shrimp ceviche and a delicious fish soup, along with freshly-ground corn tortillas.

This is how I was raised: with the smells of roasted coffee, bread baking inside our brick oven, homemade cheese, butters and marmalades. My childhood memories are full of the most delicious flavors, aromas and textures.

As the years passed and my own children arrived, my enjoyment of food transformed itself into something much stronger. It was here in Puerto Vallarta, upon our arrival more than 25 years ago, that cooking became my passion. Due to this ongoing transformation, I deepened my knowledge of culinary skills through diligent practice and study, along with the amazing experience of managing Agro-Gourmet for five successful years. This passion for food became my philosophy and lifestyle.

Puerto Vallarta has given me the opportunity to reinvent myself. I have a deep love for this city and its people. I want to participate and add to the energy of this wonderful place. This is what  brought me to start Arte Culinario: I can now put all of the experience and skill acquired and share it with you so that you too can raise the enjoyment of life through the palette.

Here you will find the magical elements that will make your event, gift or vacation in Puerto Vallarta a truly unforgettable experience. I invite you to discover the flavors that come from my kitchen, because they too come from my heart.